An Introduction to the Birds of Tropical America

    Cranes and Rails  

Although there are no cranes in tropical America, a family of birds called rails and a few others are in the same order as cranes, Gruiformes.

Limpkin (Aramus guarauna)
Loxahatchee National Wildlife Reserve, Florida, USA

Blackish Rail
Blackish Rail (Pardirallus nigricans)
Tatama National Park, Pueblo Rico, Risaralda, Colombia

Purple Gallinule
Purple Gallinule (Porphyrio martinica)
West Palm Beach county,, Florida, USA
A adult Purple Gallinule 'out on a limb' eating its favorite food, the fireflag seed.

White-throated Crake
White-throated Crake (Laterallus albigularis)
Bahia Solano, Choco, Colombia
Crakes are secretive birds found deep in dense swamps and grassy areas.

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